Testing - mothers and children

I'm a mother with Hepatitis C. Should I get my child tested?

There is a very small chance that babies can pick up the infection at birth. If you had a baby whilst infected with Hepatitis C, and your child is now over a year old, you should talk to your doctor about testing.

I now have a daughter… who has the remarkable gift of sympathy and compassion that many adults lack, due, in part, to her experience of illness and treatment. I can learn from that.

Charlotte (mother of Nell, 8)

Bear in mind that the younger the child is, the more chance he or she has of clearing the virus naturally. Also, the symptoms of the disease don't tend to affect children nearly so badly.

Feelings of fear or guilt are understandable, but don't let that put you off. Finding out whether your child may have picked up the virus can only help. 

I'm pregnant. Should I get tested?

If you are pregnant and think that you may have been at risk of infection it would be wise to ask for a Hepatitis C test or talk to your doctor about this.

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