Support and social care

Being diagnosed with a serious illness can turn your life upside down. Suddenly, you're dealing with emotions that can be overwhelming - fear, anger, grief, anxiety and helplessness. You have a huge amount of information to take in, a new and complex medical language to learn and really important decisions to make. You might have to adapt or completely change your lifestyle. You may have to face the stigma that surrounds infectious diseases. Add to that the symptoms and side effects you may suffer, and you can see why finding support can sometimes be really important.

If you can share the burden with people who care about you (family and friends), who understand what you are going through (other people with Hepatitis C), and who can give you the best medical and social care advice (your GP, practice nurse or specialist team), you are well on your way to being able to live with Hepatitis C successfully.

Scotland has one of the strongest networks of support services for people with Hepatitis C. Browse our list of Support Services across Scotland or search the Service Finder for services in your area.

Hepatitis C Scotland

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