Drug Use

Hepatitis C can be contracted through the use of recreational drugs. The sharing of injecting equipment is the principle means of transmission in developed countries. A new set of equipment should be used each time whether you snort, inhale or inject, to prevent transmission of Hepatitis C.

Injecting drugs (including injecting steroids)

If needles and syringes are shared, there is a high risk of passing on the virus to others. The equipment involved in preparing drugs for injection can also harbour the virus such as spoons, water and filters. Use a new set of equipment each time, don't share any equipment with others to reduce the risk of infection. 

Snorting drugs

Some drugs, like cocaine, can cause bleeding when they wear away the thin membrane inside the nose. If straws or rolled up bank notes are shared when snorting drugs, there is a risk infected blood may be passed to others.

Inhaling drugs

Spoons or pipes are often used to inhale or smoke drugs. The heat involved can be enough to burn the lips and mouth causing blisters, cracking or bleeding. Avoid sharing equipment to reduce the risk of spreading Hepatitis C to someone else.

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