Hepatitis C Action Plan: A two-phased approach

The Hepatitis C Action Plan for Scotland was launched by the Scottish Government in 2006 in two phases.

Phase I

The Hepatitis C Action Plan Phase I (2006-2008) is comprised of 41 actions covering the areas of co-ordination, prevention, testing/treatment/care/support, education/training/awareness-raising and surveillance/monitoring. It largely focused on generating the evidence base to inform and plan actions in Phase II. The evidence, key issues and proposed actions were shared with nearly 200 stakeholders at a consultation event, following which actions were revised and a proposed Phase II Action Plan, together with costs for the development and expansion of Hepatitis C services beyond 2008, were considered and approved by Ministers in April 2008. Only one action was rescheduled for implementation during Phase II - the piloting of an in-prison needle and syringe exchange scheme.


Phase II

The Hepatitis C Action Plan Phase II (2008-2011)  was launched in May 2008, with approximately £43 million of funding over three years, to deliver 34 actions designed to significantly improve all services applicable to the prevention/diagnosis/treatment and care of persons with Hepatitis C. Services range from those that provide education to young people in schools about the dangers of injecting drug use and Hepatitis C to the treatment of infected persons with antiviral drugs and the associated social support required to support them and their families through what, often, is a challenging journey. 

The Phase II actions cover the areas of testing/treatment/care/support, prevention, information generating initiatives and co-ordination. Each action has an outcome, a lead organisation(s) accountable for delivery, supporting network(s) and performance indicator(s) to gauge progress.


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